Tuesday, April 29, 1997

Ontrack® unveils remote data recovery strategy

Ontrack Data International, Inc. (Nasdaq: ONDI), the world's leading data recovery service, today announced the impending release of the first stage of the Ontrack RDR™ Remote Data Recovery offering, and outlined a roadmap for making available the world’s first advanced remote data recovery service. The software being released initially will perform advanced diagnostic functions that will speed the data recovery process in some cases. The overall RDR service, which utilizes proprietary patent-pending Ontrack technology, ultimately will enable Ontrack to perform remote data recoveries via communication link.

“Ontrack has performed extensive research on the top causes of data loss and has identified certain common data loss situations which are ideally suited to Remote Data Recovery,” said Michael Rogers, CEO of Ontrack. “We have found that 25% or more of DOS, Windows®, and Windows® 95 desktop data loss is caused by common problems such as viruses, corrupted file structures, and software malfunctions. Utilizing our patent-pending technology, we are extending the capabilities of our extensive library of tools developed over the past 12 years to deliver our services over ordinary communications links.”

Ontrack RDR™ service -- a breakthrough in data recoveryThe Ontrack RDR strategy represents a significant advancement over traditional data recovery services which require victims of data loss to either ship their affected storage device to a data recovery company or contract with a technician to come on-site to perform the recovery. Because the Ontrack RDR strategy in many cases eliminates the need for customers to remove their hard drive, package it, and ship it to a data recovery facility for service, the RDR process is significantly faster than traditional data recovery services. Consequently, the Ontrack RDR process will speed users’ access time to valuable data, thereby minimizing downtime costs.

Ontrack Data Advisor™ software diagnoses failures and classifies RDR candidatesThe first phase of the Ontrack RDR roadmap is Data Advisor software, which will be released in early May. Data Advisor is an easy-to-use advanced data loss diagnostic tool which assesses hard drive read abilities and determines if the drive is electrically and mechanically operational, and therefore a Remote Data Recovery candidate. The program is on a bootable diskette, enabling users to bring their system up when it will not boot on its own.

Data Advisor performs a broad range of tests that determine what is wrong with the user’s system, including processor, memory, disk hardware, and file system diagnostics. Upon completion of the diagnosis, this initial Data Advisor program will give basic information on the type of damage the hard drive has suffered. The software offers practical advice on how to proceed with the data loss situation and refers users to Ontrack for data recovery assistance. Data Advisor will be available free-of-charge beginning Monday, May 5, from the Ontrack WWW site located at www.ontrack.com. Or, users may call 1-800-778-7352 to have a diskette mailed to them.

In the second phase of the RDR rollout, expected to be released by the end of third quarter, 1997, Ontrack intends to upgrade Data Advisor software to include reporting capabilities. After using the program’s diagnostic tools, users will have the ability to create a diagnostic summary report and send it to Ontrack for further assessment. An Ontrack data recovery expert will evaluate the report and be able to quickly give users detailed information about how long the data recovery process will take and how much the recovery will cost.

Communications link to extend reach of Ontrack data recovery toolsIn the third phase, expected to be released by the end of fourth quarter, 1997, Ontrack plans to make the Remote Data Recovery offering fully operational by introducing communications functionality. If the Data Advisor diagnostic report indicates that the user is an RDR candidate, an electronic link will be made between the user’s system and Ontrack via modem. An Ontrack RDR expert will then use a suite of remote-control tools to recover the user’s data. The remote control tools will run on the user’s machine and will be operated by the expert at Ontrack or an Ontrack-affiliated facility. Using proprietary data recovery software tools, the engineer will recover the lost data directly on the user’s hard drive.

Ontrack Data International, Inc. is a leading vendor of services and software designed to maximize the integrity and security of hard disk drive data. An Ontrack wholly-owned subsidiary, Ontrack Data Recovery, Inc., specializes in recovering lost or corrupted data from any hard drive or alternative storage device that has fallen victim to a hardware or system malfunction, human error, computer virus, natural disaster or computer crime. Understanding that time is critical, Ontrack offers emergency, weekend, on-site and priority service to help users avoid expensive downtime. Ontrack is headquartered at 6321 Bury Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55346, and can be reached by phone at 800-872-2599 (612-937-5161) and via the Internet at www.ontrack.com. In addition to its Minneapolis location, Ontrack also operates data recovery labs in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Tokyo, London and Stuttgart.

Statements in this release concerning the future prospects of Ontrack are “forward-looking statements” under the Federal securities laws. There can be no assurance that future results will be achieved, and actual results could differ materially from forecasts, estimates, and summary information contained in this press release. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially are included but are not limited to those listed in the Ontrack Annual Report incorporated by reference into the Form 10-KSB for the year ended December 31, 1996, under the caption “ Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations -- Forward Looking Statements”.#####

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