Friday, July 18, 1997

Ontrack, the world’s largest data recovery company, comes to San Jose

Ontrack Data International, Inc. (NASDAQ: ONDI) today announced plans to open a data recovery laboratory in San Jose, California on September 1, 1997. This secure, full-service data recovery facility will feature a clean room and the ability to recover data threatened by virtually every form of data loss. The new office, which joins six Ontrack locations worldwide, will provide northern California computer users with direct access to the world's leading data recovery services, saving them the costs associated with the unnecessary or prolonged downtime caused by data loss.

According to company CEO Michael W. Rogers, the new office will help Ontrack meet the data recovery and protection needs of its growing California customer base. "Ontrack has enjoyed a marked growth in business from this region throughout the last several years," Rogers says. "By opening an office in Northern California, not only will we be able to provide area clients, partners, and OEMs with the most complete and highest quality data recovery services in the industry, we also will be able to provide greater support to our Los Angeles data recovery lab."

The Ontrack San Jose office--located at 2001 Gateway Place, Suite 750 West, San Jose, California (408-573-9592)--will help organizations and individuals recover data threatened by the five most common causes of data loss: hardware failure, human error, software malfunction, computer virus and natural disaster. Using hundreds of proprietary, industry-defining hardware and software tools, Ontrack technicians can recover data from virtually every form of storage media, including hard drives, floppy diskettes, optical drives, tapes, cartridges and cassettes. Ontrack engineers also provide Computer Evidence Services designed to help business, legal and individual clients successfully litigate cases involving data theft, alteration and destruction, or cases in which relevant evidence may exist in an electronic format.

Ontrack Data International, Inc. is a leading vendor of services and software designed to maximize the integrity and security of hard disk drive data. An Ontrack wholly owned subsidiary, Ontrack Data Recovery, Inc., specializes in recovering lost or corrupted data from any hard drive or alternative storage device that has fallen victim to a hardware or system malfunction, human error, computer virus, natural disaster or computer crime. Understanding that time is critical, Ontrack offers emergency, weekend, on-site and priority service to help users avoid expensive downtime. Ontrack is headquartered at 6321 Bury Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55346, and can be reached by phone at 800-872-2599 (612-937-5161) and via the Internet at In addition to its Minneapolis headquarters and the new San Jose office, Ontrackoperates data recovery labs in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Tokyo, London and Stuttgart.#####

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