Monday, August 11, 1997

Ontrack® signs Harris Disaster Recovery Group as service partner

Ontrack Data International, Inc. (Nasdaq: ONDI), the world's leading data recovery service, today announced that it has signed Harris Disaster Recovery Associates (HDRA), a Harris Recovery Group Company and a recognized leader in the risk assessment and recovery planning industries, as its most recent Service Partner.

Norman Harris, the chairman and CEO of Harris Recovery Group, is recognized as the founder of the Disaster Recovery Planning industry. Throughout the last 20 years, Mr. Harris has consulted with thousands of business clients in every major industry on issues concerning disaster recovery planning. He is recognized as a noted speaker, and he regularly presents his disaster recovery messages to audiences around the world. His company’s customers are business unit and information technology personnel, the majority of whom use computers, and who understand the vulnerability of their data and welcome the utilization of professional data recovery services to design and implement their business contingency plans.

Through this agreement, Ontrack will provide HDRA with the comprehensive sales, training, and support necessary to serve the data recovery requirements of its customers. HDRA will provide Ontrack with sales and marketing efforts focused on educating its customers about the availability and strength of Ontrack data recovery services.

“This partnership benefits HDRA and Ontrack, as well as our clients. Our clients may have data recovery needs for which Ontrack is able to provide a solution. Ontrack clients appreciate the value of protecting their corporate assets and may benefit from the services that we offer through a referral by Ontrack,” said Mr. Harris. “The two companies working together as a team can provide complete data disaster recovery solutions to the thousands of clients we both serve.”

HDRA laid the foundation of all disaster recovery planning disciplines employed today. This experience, aided by the latest technological resources, ensures the development of a recovery culture within organizations, a culture comprised of a knowledgeable management tier along with expertly trained personnel who utilize a customized recovery plan they help to develop. HDRA is located at 5890 Sawmill Road, Ste. 230, Dublin, OH 43017, and can be reached at 614-766-5355 and via the Internet at

Ontrack Data International, Inc. is a leading vendor of services and software designed to maximize the integrity and security of hard disk drive data. An Ontrack wholly-owned subsidiary, Ontrack Data Recovery, Inc., specializes in recovering lost or corrupted data from any hard drive or alternative storage device that has fallen victim to a hardware or system malfunction, human error, computer virus, natural disaster or computer crime. Understanding that time is critical, Ontrack offers emergency, weekend, on-site and priority service to help users avoid expensive downtime. Ontrack is headquartered at 6321 Bury Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55346, and can be reached by phone at 800-872-2599 (612-937-5161) and via the Internet at In addition to its Minneapolis location, Ontrack also operates data recovery labs in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Tokyo, London and Stuttgart.#####

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