Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Ontrack signs Data Recovery Solutions agreement with CompUSA

ONTRACK Data International, Inc., (Nasdaq: ONDI), the world leader in data recovery services, announced today that it has signed a unique agreement with CompUSA, one of the nation's largest retailers of personal computers and related products and services. Under the agreement, Ontrack will act as the primary referral for CompUSA customers requiring recovery of lost data.
“Every month we have customers approach us who need to recover lost data,” said Rick L. Fountain, Vice President of Technical Services for CompUSA. “This agreement allows us to put them in touch with the data recovery experts at Ontrack who can help them get their data back quickly and cost-effectively,” he added.
The CompUSA agreement is part of the Ontrack strategy to offer solutions for every type of customer who experiences data loss. “All computer users, from those in small office/home office environments to network administrators responsible for terabytes of information, have one thing in common,” said Mike Rogers, CEO of Ontrack. “When they lose data, they want to get it back - FAST!”
When a suspected data loss or hard drive failure occurs, CompUSA service technicians will conduct preliminary diagnostics of the computer system using Ontrack Data Advisor™ software, a tool that provides a fast, thorough evaluation of the hard drive without risking further damage or data loss. The diagnosis can be conducted at any CompUSA Service Center or at the customer site.
Data Advisor provides a quick diagnosis for CompUSA customers and allows them to be referred to Ontrack for Remote Data Recovery, a unique service that allows Ontrack engineers to retrieve lost data via telephone modem from anywhere in the world. In addition to RDR, CompUSA customers will have access to Ontrack engineers who can evaluate and recover data from the most difficult types of loss in one of five U.S. labs located in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Jose, Washington, D.C., and New York. These labs are equipped with clean rooms and hundreds of field-proven tools for executing the most complex data recoveries.
According to Rogers, Ontrack will continue to add new data recovery programs and services. Other recent initiatives include the introduction of the Ontrack Tiramisu™ software line, which allows computer users to perform “do-it-yourself” data recoveries and the development of new remote data recovery methods for specific network applications and operating systems.
Ontrack, the world leader in data recovery, specializes in services and software that help computer users access and recover their valuable data. Using hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques, Ontrack is able to recover lost or corrupted data from all operating systems and types of storage devices. Ontrack can be reached through its World Wide Web site at http://www.ontrack.com or by calling 800-872-2599 (612-937-5161). In addition to its Minneapolis headquarters, ONTRACK operates data recovery centers in Los Angeles, San Jose, Washington, D.C., New York, Tokyo, London, Paris and Stuttgart.

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