Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Ontrack delivers help for computer users attacked by the CIH (Chernobyl) Virus

With the CIH virus affecting thousands of computer users across the globe, ONTRACK Data International, Inc. (Nasdaq: ONDI), the world leader in data recovery services, announces that a data recovery solution is available for the CIH virus, also known as the Chernobyl virus.
“We have the technology that allows us to recapture the portions of the system's data that were destroyed by the CIH virus,” said Stuart Hanley, Ontrack Vice President of Worldwide Operations. “It should never be assumed that lost data is unrecoverable, because in most cases, data recovery is possible. The most important thing to remember is not to panic."
The CIH virus is a software code that has been infecting PCs on the 26th day of each month since last summer, but arrived in its most dangerous form on April 26, 1999. As a result of the April 26 trigger date, nearly 850 calls have come into Ontrack worldwide service centers from users in need of a data recovery solution. Hundreds of calls are continuing to come in today.
Over the last two days, Ontrack data recovery engineers have seen the CIH virus attack systems in two ways. “In about 10-15 percent of the cases we're seeing, the computer won't work,” added Hanley. When the CIH virus causes damage to the basic input/output system (BIOS), the PC will not boot. This virus attempts a flash overwrite to the BIOS. In these cases, users need to remove the hard drive and send it to Ontrack for an in-lab recovery.
In the other 85-90 percent of the failures, the virus destroys critical data on the hard drive. At this point, the hard drive is not accessible. “This is an ideal situation for Ontrack Remote Data Recovery,” said Hanley.
Ontrack Remote Data Recovery is an exclusive patent-pending service that enables Ontrack engineers to quickly recover a company's data via modem without the hassle of removing the computer from its desktop or bringing the server down. Within one hour of being notified of a data loss, Ontrack engineers can give users an estimated cost to retrieve the missing data. Data is then recovered within a matter of hours, while a typical in-lab data recovery can take 1-3 days.
“Our company uses Windows 98 for audio processing as we make computer games and I lost 2-3 weeks of edited work due to the CIH virus,” said Dale Desharone, president and owner of Boston Animation. “After I contacted Ontrack, an engineer helped me recover my lost data with Remote Data Recovery within six hours. They helped me save very valuable data that could have been lost due to the CIH virus.”
Ontrack, the world leader in data recovery, specializes in services and software that help computer users access and recover their valuable data. Using hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques, Ontrack is able to recover lost or corrupted data from all operating systems and types of storage devices. Ontrack can be reached through its World Wide Web site at http://www.ontrack.com or by calling 800/872-2599 (612/937-5161). In addition to its Minneapolis headquarters, Ontrack operates data recovery centers in Los Angeles, San Jose, Washington D.C., New York, Tokyo, London, Paris and Stuttgart.

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