Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Ontrack launches new computer evidence services web site

ONTRACK Data International, Inc. (NASDAQ: ONDI), the world leader in data recovery services, has launched a new, easy to use Web site about how Ontrack can help law firms and corporations discover electronic evidence and help corporations manage electronic information and minimize the legal liability of stored data.
The Computer Evidence Services (CES) Web site(http://www.ontrackevidence.com) offers a clear, concise overview of the company's two evidence recovery service offerings - the Litigation Management Program for lawyers and law enforcement officials and the Corporate Data Management Program for corporate counsel.
The Litigation Management Program page describes the services Ontrack offers for finding, recovering, analyzing and producing data needed to prove a case by working with clients in discovery planning, evidence discovery, evidence analysis and evidence reporting. The Corporate Data Management Program section guides clients through a description of Ontrack services for identifying and accessing data with key word search, data conversion, record restoration, segregating data and information redaction.
“The CES Web site was designed to show busy professionals how the Ontrack team can help them win their case or manage their corporate data,” said Lee Lewis, president of Ontrack. “Electronic evidence has become commonplace in our legal system, and the Ontrack worldwide team of exceptional engineers and legal experts have developed the superior technology tools and techniques which make evidence recovery possible.”
The home page provides links to a range of CES services, including:
  • Corporate e-mail - search, recover and analysis
  • Forensic accounting - electronic evidence applications
  • Records management - large-scale backup conversion
  • Insurance fraud - investigation and analysis of computer evidence
  • Evidence presentation - redaction and segregation in electronic evidence
  • Intellectual property - protecting your electronic assets
  • Electronic investigation - digging beneath the surface
The Ontrack CES team has experience working on a variety of cases including employment litigation, commercial disputes, intellectual property litigation, insurance fraud, and merger and acquisition due diligence. The common types of data containing key evidence for these litigation cases are e-mail communications, customer databases, financial documents, planning documents, contractual negotiations, computer source code and research and development studies.
Ontrack, the world leader in data recovery, specializes in services and software that help computer users access and recover their valuable data. Using hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques, Ontrack is able to recover lost or corrupted data from all operating systems and types of storage devices. Ontrack can be reached through its World Wide Web site at http://www.ontrack.com or by calling 800/872-2599 (612/937-5161). In addition to its Minneapolis headquarters, Ontrack operates data recovery centers in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York, Tokyo, London, Paris and Stuttgart.

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