Monday, October 30, 2000

Ontrack named to Forbes' 200 Best Small Companies list

Ontrack ranked No. 101 on list highlighting America's hottest growing companies

ONTRACK Data International Inc. (NASDAQ: ONDI), a leading provider of data availability software and service solutions, today announced it was named to the 200 Best Small Companies list by Forbes magazine, which highlights the hottest growth prospects in American business each year. Ontrack ranked No. 101 on the 2000 list and was also named to the list in 1998 and 1997.

“Our growth can be attributed to our aggressive market strategy, highly talented employee base and the increasing value people place on their data,” said Mike Rogers, chief executive officer for Ontrack. Rogers also credits Ontrack growth in revenue - an average of 19 percent in the last five years - to the company's strategic initiatives in developing innovative data availability technologies.

Over the past 10 years, Ontrack has performed over 46,000 data recoveries for Forbes 500 companies, governmental agencies, educational and financial institutions, as well as small businesses and individuals. In July 1999, Ontrack acquired Mijenix Corporation, a software utility company, and now offers one of the broadest ranges of data availability solutions in the industry.

Ontrack, a leading provider of data availability software and service solutions, helps customers protect, manage, recover and discover their valuable data. Using its hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques, Ontrack is able to recover lost or corrupted data from virtually all operating systems and types of storage devices through its do-it-yourself, remote and in-lab capabilities. Ontrack also offers award-winning PC utility software programs and services to help prevent critical data loss through a broad line of problem-solving, file-management and productivity utilities. Ontrack can be reached through its World Wide Web site at or by calling 800-872-2599. In addition to its Minneapolis headquarters, Ontrack operates locations in Los Angeles, Boulder, Colo., Washington D.C., New York, London, Paris and Stuttgart, Germany. Ontrack also makes its data recovery services available in Tokyo through its strategic alliance with Y-E Data, a company with over 25 years of experience in storage devices.

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