Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ontrack® Firstview™ in law technology news

Ontrack Firstview is an investigation and analysis program that helps in-house attorneys assess the scope, volume, and potential significance of e-mail. Users can determine themes in e-mails, establish a timeline of events, graphically display communication between internal and external people, and search for key people, words, and dates, says Ben Allen, president and CEO of Kroll Ontrack Inc. (www.krollontrack.com). Users can create charts and reports to demonstrate findings to executives, opposing parties, or judges. About Law Technology News Law Technology News focuses on the uses of technology in the practice of law. Topics covered include: software, hardware and research technology. It is published by American Lawyer Media and has a circulation of 43,000.

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Ben Blomberg, 952-516-3617, Ben.Blomberg@krolldiscovery.com