Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Kroll Ontrack releases ElectronicDataViewer® 4.1, adding increased functionality to its industry-leading online review tool

MINNEAPOLIS – February 9, 2005 – Kroll Ontrack®, the leading provider of electronic and paper-based document discovery solutions and computer forensic services for law firms, government entities and corporations, today released an updated version of its industry-leading online repository and review tool, ElectronicDataViewer™ 4.1.

With ElectronicDataViewer 4.1, litigation teams now have the ability to download documents directly to their desktops and print batches of documents locally in their office. These newest features, combined with the major enhancements made in ElectronicDataViewer 4.0 – such as native file review and the integration of paper and electronic documents in a single, comprehensive online tool – give Kroll Ontrack clients more power to benefit from the flexibility and cost savings of the native file format while not losing the ability to manage production sets of tiff images.“

ElectronicDataViewer 4.1 enhances the capabilities of 4.0 and gives litigation teams even more opportunities to take advantage of what native file review offers,” said Kristin Nimsger, Esq., Vice President, Legal Technologies at Kroll Ontrack.

“Clients can download open documents in their native applications, allowing them to see documents exactly as they were created – complete with hidden formulas, tracked changes, and comments,” Nimsger said. “Also, ElectronicDataViewer’s local batch-print option gives clients the ability to create subsets of their documents in hard copy, for a deposition, trial or even an impromptu meeting.”

With the addition of ElectronicDataViewer 4.1’s new download and local batch print options, Kroll Ontrack’s online repository and review tool continues to revolutionize the document review process by bridging the divide between the traditional paper discovery process and the emerging e-discovery industry.

ElectronicDataViewer’s other major features include:

• Native file review at your fingertips. Litigation teams have the option of reviewing electronic documents in their native formats. When reviewers are ready to view a tiff image of a document for further handling or production, they can do so directly within the tool – on the fly – giving them immediate access to the tiff images.

• Seamless review of paper and electronic documents. Litigation teams can fully integrate the traditional scanning and coding of paper documents with their electronic document counterparts. ElectronicDataViewer allows reviewers to edit paper coding fields without forcing them to share coding fields with extracted electronic document metadata.

• Easy Administration of the Review Process. ElectronicDataViewer includes powerful administrative functions that make the collection and assignment of documents to members of review teams easy and gives administrators access to real-time statistics to track the progress of their review teams.

The update release corresponds with the launch of ElectronicDataViewer to the U.K. market by Kroll Ontrack’s London office. This global deployment will permit Kroll Ontrack’s international customers to keep their documents in the jurisdiction in which they were collected while taking advantage of the advanced features available in ElectronicDataViewer. This global launch also represents one more step in advancing the strategy of globalization for Kroll Ontrack.About Kroll Ontrack Inc.Kroll Ontrack Inc. (www.krollontrack.com) provides electronic and paper-based discovery, computer forensics, and data recovery solutions to help companies, law firms, and government agencies quickly and cost-effectively review, manage and produce information and documents. Kroll Ontrack is the technology services subsidiary of Kroll Inc., the world’s leading risk consulting company.


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