Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kroll Ontrack improves case strategy decision making and defensibility of review with launch of new early data assessment and document review functionality

Minneapolis – November 3, 2009 – Kroll Ontrack®, the industry's largest provider of paper and electronic discovery, computer forensics, ESI consulting, and courtroom and presentation services, today announced the launch of Ontrack® Advanceview and Ontrack® Inview version 6.1. Equipped with Statistical Sampling functionality, new Analytic Reports and enhanced searching and sorting capabilities, Ontrack Advanceview 6.1 and Ontrack Inview 6.1 improve case strategy and defensibility of review by empowering review teams to make more confident decisions about case data and then subsequently validate those decisions.

Ontrack Advanceview 6.1 and Ontrack Inview 6.1 give review teams a better understanding of their data through the following features:

Statistical Sampling. Providing reviewers with the ability to request a random subset of files from a source folder enables review teams to leverage technology to verify early data assessment decisions and better ensure the consistency and defensibility of review decisions. For example, if a review team creates a folder containing all documents deemed responsive, a reviewer can obtain a random sample from that folder, confirming their categorization of the documents is correct. Alternatively, sampling can be used during early data assessment to verify the data set has been narrowed to only relevant and potentially responsive data.

Analytic Reports. Four new critical-decision analytic reports dedicated to Visualization Audit Trails, Search Criteria, Keyword Hits and Topic Groupings provide Ontrack Advanceview and Ontrack Inview users with the ability to easily and more precisely track, access and communicate important review metrics. Specifically, reviewers can use these new reports to:

  • Create an audit trail and systemically document the steps a user took to objectively correlate documents using the advanced visualization tools.
  • Provide a search summary report of selection options included on the query, scope, metadata/coding and category tabs within the search dialog.
  • Create various detailed reports of the keywords in the data set and the number of occurrences of each keyword.
  • Provide a report that lists the identified topics for early data assessment or document review activities.

From Domain Metadata. Allowing users to easily search, sort, locate and categorize data using the From Domain Metadata field saves review teams significant time reducing and analyzing potentially relevant data sets. To further make expedited and effective review decisions, users can also create From Domain Metadata reports, easily identifying the most common domains used and e-mails received from responsive or non-responsive sources.

"Critical to reviewing documents for responsiveness and privilege is efficiency without compromising the quality of review," said Nancy Robertson, vice president of product development for Kroll Ontrack. "This new functionality in Ontrack Advanceview and Ontrack Inview gives users the best of both worlds. It leverages technology to hone in on the critical aspects of data and aids review teams in effectively making and confirming decisions either early in discovery or throughout the intensive review process."

Ontrack Advanceview 6.1 and Ontrack Inview 6.1 are available in the United States and United Kingdom. For more information about these tools visit www.krollontrack.com/ontrack-advanceview and www.krollontrack.com/ontrack-inview.

The Legal Technologies & Consulting division of Kroll Ontrack provides corporations, law firms and government agencies with technology and consulting services for large scale paper and electronic discovery, computer forensics, and litigation readiness and response projects. Through the acquisition of TrialGraphix (September 2007), the leader in jury consulting and presentations, Kroll Ontrack now offers a wide range of trial services such as jury research; witness preparation; trial consulting; graphics; and presentation technology for mediations, arbitrations, and trial. Helping clients quickly and cost-effectively find, review, manage, produce and present relevant evidence, Kroll Ontrack is recognized as the leading electronic discovery provider by the Am Law Tech Survey (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008).

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