Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kroll Ontrack declares human error is responsible for an increasing number of enterprise data disasters

Minneapolis – November 17, 2009 – Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery and legal technologies products and services, today announced that human error is responsible for an increasing number of incoming enterprise data recovery requests. Ontrack® Data Recovery experts attribute the trend in human error incidents to more complex storage systems coupled with depleted resources to replace equipment, train IT staff and maintain optimal staffing levels.

"While advanced storage options such as virtualization and cloud computing offer corporations storage optimization, human processes are still at the root of these solutions, instructing the technology as to how to perform," said Jeff Pederson, manager of Ontrack Data Recovery operations, Kroll Ontrack. "The complexity of these systems often require a steep learning curve, and with reported IT spending at a low (down 6.9 percent in 2009 according to Gartner, Inc.), human error is increasingly common."

The most common enterprise human error cases Kroll Ontrack sees include:

  • Pulling the wrong drive. While trying to replace a failed disk in a RAID array, a healthy disk is accidently removed.
  • Reformatting a disk. During a server migration, the wrong SAN LUN is accidently reformatted.
  • Restoring corrupt/old backup data. A server containing a business-critical database is deleted by mistake and is restored with a corrupt or incomplete backup prior to realizing the backup is not sound.
  • Rebuilding a bad array. Following a multiple drive failure in a RAID array, an attempt to force the failed drives back online and rebuild the configuration is made, whereby damaging or corrupting the data on the array.
  • Deleting data. Files, volumes, virtual machines or a SAN LUN is deleted by accident and there is no backup or the backup is old or corrupt.

Examples of human error cases and subsequent enterprise data recoveries by Kroll Ontrack in 2009 included:

  • A support engineer forgot to turn off his replication software before formatting the volumes on the primary site. Unfortunately, this mistake resulted in overwriting the backup.
  • An entity with a 10 drive Raid 5 array had a drive die without notice for three months. When a second drive died, the server crashed, deeming all data unavailable. Before attempting to force the drives back online and ultimately corrupt all the data on the volume, the customer called Kroll Ontrack. Ontrack Data Recovery engineers rebuilt the array, making a full recovery possible.
  • An organization accidently ran a script during a test project that deleted all 38 virtual machines from two arrays. Kroll Ontrack was able to connect to the organization remotely and recover the deleted data while also copying the virtual machines to a new array.
  • A company leasing cloud computers accidentally detached a "virtual" storage volume in the cloud environment – similar to pulling a cable from an operational volume. When it was reconnected, Windows reported the volume as unallocated space, so the volume could not be mounted. Using Kroll Ontrack's proprietary Remote Data Recovery service, Ontrack Data Recovery engineers were able to repair the damaged cloud storage volume, getting the development company back up and running in four hours.
  • Twenty VMFS volumes were "quick initialized" on a backup server. While the virtual machines and ESX servers continued to run, the backup server stopped operating. Rebooting the ESX risked downtime and data loss. Kroll Ontrack was able to rebuild the deleted virtual disks and recover 100 percent of the data within 24 hours.

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