Monday, February 1, 2010

Kroll Ontrack revolutionizes e-discovery with launch of self-contained, mobile discovery solution

Ontrack Onsight brings early data assessment, processing, review and production in-house, facilitating more control over litigation management and corresponding costs

Minneapolis – February 1, 2010 – Kroll Ontrack®, the industry's largest provider of legal and information management technology and services, today announced the launch of Ontrack® Onsight, a self-contained, mobile e-discovery appliance. Allowing both corporations and law firms to centralize early data assessment, filtering, processing, review and production functionality in-house, Ontrack Onsight and its team of expert professionals empower legal teams to take more control of the e-discovery process while effectively addressing data security challenges and data privacy requirements.

"Legal matters have grown in scale and complexity while corporate litigation and IT budgets have tightened. Corporations are consequently asking for new ways to conduct discovery so they can focus on dedicating valuable corporate resources to top-line growth strategies," said Nancy Robertson, vice president of legal technology product line management, Kroll Ontrack. "Kroll Ontrack responded with Ontrack Onsight, which takes the very best of what we do—data processing, analysis and document review—and empowers our clients to successfully conduct discovery in-house. Furthermore, Kroll Ontrack supports this innovative technology with superior customer service and expertise every step of the way, leveraging resources across the company, from solution design to troubleshooting and ongoing support."

Ontrack Onsight can be implemented as an incident response solution or as a permanent, enterprise addition to an IT environment, providing a federated platform for corporations that regularly respond to electronically stored information (ESI) production obligations. Specifically, the benefits to addressing these instances with an on-site solution include:

  • Security: Business-critical data is kept within corporate firewalls and on premises, maximizing data security and enabling corporations to easily comply with data privacy laws and corporate policies.
  • Control: Internal discovery response teams can operate with greater influence as work direction via outside service providers is streamlined and minimized.
  • Cost Savings: Litigation support tools are consolidated in one platform and project-related request for proposals (RFPs) for data processing and hosting are eliminated.

In addition to corporations, law firms can leverage Ontrack Onsight in support of their client representation. Law firms contending with multi-national cases and data privacy and protection considerations will benefit from the portability, comprehensiveness and flexibility of working with a proven service provider.

Ontrack Onsight is available worldwide. For more information about this tool, visit

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