Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kroll Ontrack introduces workflow-directed document review capabilities in Ontrack Inview to significantly improve the efficiency of discovery

Professional Services Experts at Kroll Ontrack Positioned to Help Clients Tailor the New Workflow Designer, Automated Document Distribution and Check-in Processes, and Workflow Metrics and Reports to Their Needs

Minneapolis – June 23, 2010 Kroll Ontrack®, the leading provider of information management, data recovery and legal technologies products and services, today announced the launch of Ontrack® InviewTM version 6.2, which now includes workflow-directed document review functionality to better ensure an automated, repeatable and defensible review process. Ontrack Inview’s new workflow capabilities reduce time and expenses by addressing the efficiency of a review team, the consistency of their review decisions and the overall defensibility of the review. As experts in document review processes, tools and methodologies, Kroll Ontrack’s Workflow Professional Services team is prepared to assist clients with use of the cutting-edge features to transform their review process and realize measurable time and cost savings in discovery.

“Document review is the leading cost driver in discovery. Furthermore, mistakes and inefficiencies in the document review process can be costly, with errors potentially leading to the re-review of documents or the inadvertent production of privileged documents,” said Michele Lange, director of discovery product management, Kroll Ontrack. “As a result, conducting a high quality review requires a defensible and effective process, designed to produce responsive, non-privileged documents in a timely manner while avoiding costly missteps.”

“The latest functionality in Ontrack Inview allows review teams to innovatively navigate a process that has been traditionally known to be cumbersome with a high degree of manual management,” added Lange. “With Ontrack Inview 6.2 we are creating a new age of intelligent document review.”

Specifically, Ontrack Inview 6.2 allows review teams to maximize accuracy and defensibility while significantly minimizing review time by:

  • Defining an efficient, repeatable document review process within the new Workflow Designer interface configurable within the award-winning Ontrack Inview review tool;
  • Automating a variety of manual activities by eliminating the need to manually distribute batches of documents to reviewers and closely monitor reviewers to keep them productive;
  • Validating consistency of review decisions with an automated document check-in system, reducing the time spent on quality control throughout the document review; and
  • Providing a variety of summary and detailed views of review progress via a series of real-time graphical reports eradicating laborious tracking spreadsheets that must be maintained by administrators at every step of a review.

These benefits will reduce time and expenses associated with any sized document review on both small and large cases. Additionally, Ontrack Inview 6.2 now offers:

  • Enhanced Reporting. Project summary reports and graphics can now be self-scheduled and distributed via e-mail, which provides users with convenient, reliable and consistent project updates.
  • Updated Category Syncing. Enhanced document categorization provides users with complete flexibility and purpose-driven category management.
  • Spam Filtering. Identifies potential spam e-mail during document processing, improving the speed and efficiency of indentifying potentially non-responsive e-mails.

In addition to transforming the document review process, Kroll Ontrack has enhanced its early data assessment tool, Ontrack® AdvanceviewTM, which also contains the new enhanced reporting, updated category syncing, and spam filtering features. Kroll Ontrack’s Professional Services experts are prepared to help clients leverage these features as they assess their data prior to processing and review.

Ontrack Advanceview 6.2 and Ontrack Inview 6.2 are available in the United States and United Kingdom. For more information about these tools, visit and

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