Minimize Data Loss

Losing data can be catastrophic for businesses and heartbreaking for individuals. Data loss can happen to anyone, at any time, but with the correct backup procedures in place, the permanent loss of data is preventable.

Unfortunately, many customers that we deal with do not have suitable backup procedures in place to ensure the protection of their data; without such protection, when a data loss event occurs the realization that the data is gone and the cost to recover can be a big shock.

According to global research and advisory firm, Gartner, by 2020, the number of devices in the marketplace will have skyrocketed to over 20 billion Internet of Thing (IoT). With more laptops, tablets, servers and phones predicted to be in the market than ever before, the need to restore, recover, manage and protect data from such devices is only going to increase.

A unique, value-added service

The Ontrack Digital Care Plan (ODCP) aims to introduce a new and unique way to recover data without the associated high price tag. For a low annual fee, your customers can enroll in the ODCP, ensuring they never have to pay a lump sum for data recovery again.

Whether you are an equipment manufacturer, distributor, internet operator or finance/ICT service provider, the ODCP allows you to offer your customers a unique data recovery service on top of your core product or service. 

Some key features of the ODCP are:

  • Bundle additional devices and additional years.
  • No risk for the partner – free recovery for the end customer.
  • Extend your offer and differentiate your product from others.
  • High volume potential - data loss situations can effect anyone at any time.
  • The global standard - Ontrack is a world leading data expert with more than 30 years history serving clients globally.  Ontrack has 24/7/365 local service in 22 labs.
  • Security compliance - A global standard for complex data recoveries ensures policy compliance, and address modern security threats, regulatory demands (GDPR) and global service-level agreements (SLA).

How will the Ontrack Digital Care Plan benefit you?

Ontrack Digital Care Plan can increase your pre-paid services revenue:

  • Bundle with all sold or leased laptops, desktops, USB-drives, cameras, smart phones and tablets.
  • Possibly with some applicable software licenses, like asset management, endpoint security management, patching tools etc.


Ontrack Digital Care Plan can grow your share in key market segments including:


  • Corporate, incl. TaaS and Partner leasing
  • Consumer
  • Universities, teachers and students
  • Public sector
  • Engineering

You can also bundle the Ontrack Digital Protection Plan to create time specific and channel specific campaigns, such as:

  • Back-to-school or work
  • Depot sales
  • Black Fridays
  • Graduation gifts
  • Membership recruitment

What data loss scenarios are included?

At Ontrack, we know data loss can occur at any time and due to a variety of different reasons. With ODCP, we cover every data loss occurrence, so you don’t have to worry. See below for the full list of data loss scenarios covered:

  • Misuse of the storage device
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Formatting of storage media
  • Virus/malware
  • Software failure or bug
  • Installation or updating failure (hardware or software)
  • Hardware failure under warranty period
  • Water damage
  • Disk crash
  • Mechanical shock or distortion
  • Electrical failure or interference

The process

The Ontrack Digital Care Plan can add value, build customer loyalty, form secure global standards and is the final piece in a complete data protection solution. Delivery of ODCP varies by market and solution type: examples are full software integration; enhance current support programs; or expand retail reach.

Intended for manufacturers, distributors, internet operators, financial and IT service providers and associations that want to offer their customers unique value-added services in addition to their core products.

ODCP can be implemented in different ways depending on how the product is bundled and how the customer care process is set up.

Three phased approach:

Step one: Device enrollment process

Step two: Data recovery process

Step three: Process flow

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Sales reporting:

When ODCP is bundled with a product, Ontrack will issue a monthly or quarterly invoice dependent on the report supplied by the partner.

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Current partners


The Finnish cybersecurity expert has bundled Ontrack’s data recovery with its security software subscriptions for the past two years. Devices are protected against online threats and accidental data loss. F-Secure have also included ODCP into its Loyalty Program.

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nexetic added ODCP to their backup services

Nexetic is a Finland based online backup service provider. Its target group is small to medium sized businesses and distributes via ALSO. Nexetic wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors by adding ODCP to its online backup. It has also creates data disaster recovery plans for SME’s who don’t have one established.


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A repair company that has a focus on Apple devices. Mcare wanted to differentiate itself from AppleCare by bundling its offering with ODCP. It now offers a simple and smooth data recovery process to its corporate customers.

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F9 Distribution

F9 Distribution wanted to differentiate itself from other global IT distributors. It bundled ODCP with a range of different devices.

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This large Nordic ISP and Telecom Operator has added ODCP to its existing services – financing, insurance, loan units, data security (F-Secure) and Secure EOL handling. Discussing how to add ODCP to existing services; example Financing, monthly fee, insurance, service incl.

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If it MATTERS to you - it is IMPORTANT to us!

With over 35 years of experience, 569,000 successful recoveries, and an average of 90% success rate, you can trust Ontrack that we will go over and above to ensure your data is recovered.

No matter if you have lost it, dropped it or need it back, Ontrack is there every step of the way! 

Interested in becomming an Ontrack Data Recovery Partner?