What is the Ontrack Digital Care Plan?

For a low annual fee, your customers can enroll their devices--laptops, tablets, desktops, phones-- in ODCP, giving them access to global data recovery services provided by Ontrack.  If a data loss event occurs, ODCP covers 100% of the costs associated with the data recovery effort.

For the first time you can bundle ODCP with existing products or services as a solution to assist in reducing the risk of permanent data loss, at a lower cost and the process is completely automated. and deliver data recovery as a part of subscription model. allows you to offer an affordable, secure, data recovery workflow to your customers, wherever they are in the world, reducing risk and increasing security at a low cost.

ODCP covers all device types, including laptops, tablets, desktops, mobile phones, camera cards and USB devices across all operating systems, manufacturers and models and for all generations of drives.


ODCP covers all data loss scenarios, including:


  • Accidental deletion of files                                                   
  • Formatting of storage media
  • Ransomware/virus/malware
  • HDD/SSD and virtual disk
  • Software failure/bug
  • Hardware failure
  • Water damage, fire, smoke, and natural disasters
  • Disk crash
  • Mechanical shock or distortion
  • Electrical failure or interference
  • Misuse of the storage device

The Added Value to Your Organization

For equipment manufacturers, software editor, distributors or service providers, ODCP will enhance your solution, reduce risk, build customer loyalty, forms secure global standards, and delivers a critical element of data protection in an increasingly digitized world.                 

The ODCP allows you to:     


  • Differentiate your organization in a hyper-competitive world by bundling an ODCP data recovery subscription with your solutions
  • Service providers, tech support and customers reduce risk, improve service levels, while eliminating budget and administrative issues related to data loss
  • Drive adoption of higher value support plans or extended terms and increase 
  • Establish a secure global standard for data recovery, reduce risk while improving service levels
  • ITSM solutions can automate a data recovery workflow from within the platform leveraging Ontrack's API. See ServiceNow App

The Data Recovery Process

The process is simple. Once a device is enrolled, our web-based service allows each customer to interact with our partner (via UI or portal), or directly with Ontrack, automating the data recovery process.

When a customer experiences a data loss, they can submit their data recovery request through one of the following options:

  1. Through your organization's tech support or service desk
  2. Through your support platform via Ontrack’s API
  3. Directly via Ontrack’s web forms

When a customer submits a data recovery request, Ontrack's automated workflow is set in motion, making the service effortless for you. ODCP leverage our global infrastructure – 22 labs worldwide – so wherever a customer needs data recovery, Ontrack is there.

Current Partners

The Finnish cybersecurity expert bundles ODCP with its security software subscriptions, protecting devices against online threats and accidental data loss. F-Secure has also included ODCP in its loyalty program.

nexetic added ODCP to their backup services
Nexetic is a Finnish based online backup service provider. Its target group is small to medium-sized businesses, and it distributes via ALSO. Nexetic differentiates itself from competitors by adding ODCP to its backup solution. 
Mcare is an Apple-focused device repair leader. To differentiate itself from AppleCare, Mcare enhances its substantial support offering with ODCP. Mcare's integrated data recovery process is a unique benefit for its corporate customers.

F9 Distribution differentiates its services from other global IT distributors by bundling ODCP with a broad range of solutions. 

HP bundles ODCP into its HP Care Packs on a select and growing number of business laptops globally.

Dell offers ODCP as an option on select business laptop models. 

ServiceNow users can download Ontrack’s free ODCP APP from the ServiceNow Store to launch automated data recovery workflows. Integration of ODCP with ServiceNow establishes a global standard for data recovery from within the ITSM module.

LiftForward’s end to end Hardware as a Service software and services provide solutions for manufacturers including Microsoft’s Surface Membership, which allows businesses to pay monthly fees in exchange for a bundle of equipment, software, and support.

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