Hard Drive Shipped Ontrack is committed to supporting data recovery needs around the globe during the COVID-19 crisis. Our Media drop-off remains open to public, but we strongly encourage you to use our free shipping services during this time. We are able to provide global support through several options including our remote data recovery services for certain cases.

All types of RAID systems

Our engineers backed by over 25 years of data recovery research, experience and development, have the knowledge and tools to get your data back. We perform RAID data recoveries on:

  • Any RAID level
  • Any RAID controller, RAID architecture including software-defined storage(SDS)
  • Any hard drive type, make or model

Don’t see your RAID type listed here? CHAT live with one of our experienced data recovery specialists for a more defined list.

RAID 51  

Flexible service options

A failed RAID array may not be able to be shipped to us for recovery. Whether it is due to corporate security protocols or the sheer size of the array, we offer our customers multiple service options to meet their needs. Ask your data recovery specialist which option would be best for you.

Remote Data Recovery

When the hardware is still functioning properly, data recovery can be performed through a secure internet connection. This is a fast and cost-effective method to recover data from a RAID which cannot be moved.

Onsite Data Recovery

When you’re experiencing a complex data loss situation and the RAID array cannot be moved, an onsite recovery might be the best option for you. The data recovery is performed at your location, typically within 24 hours upon the arrival of our engineers.

Common causes of RAID data loss

Each RAID data recovery is unique, but there are a few common causes for data loss.

Human error

Whether by accident or completed with malicious intent, data loss from reformatting, reinstalling or volume overwrite can be conquered by expert data recovery engineers.

Power issues

RAID systems can be affected by loss of power, power cycling and power surges causing loss of data. RAIDs running in a degraded state are especially vulnerable, as power issues can cause out-of-sync drives to be reincorporated into the array. In these cases, our teams have the tools and expertise to map the data and logically rebuild the RAID in order to extract the required data.

Mechanical issues and failed rebuilds

RAID systems are built to withstand individual drive failure, but once a RAID is running in a degraded state, the workload of the remaining drives increases and so does the risk of additional drive failures. Additional drive failure can lead to failure of the RAID. We have the clean room environment and expertise required to recover data from failed drives, combined with the logical skills and tools to rebuild and repair file systems from failed or partially rebuilt RAID systems.

Natural Disasters

Fire, water, dirt and other contaminants from natural disasters can destroy a RAID floor in an instant. Rebuilding file systems from a RAID affected by a natural disaster takes specialized facilities, knowledge and tools to decontaminate the drives and logically rebuild the data. Ontrack has state-of-the-art tools and cleanroom environments to safely recover from physically damaged drives.

We have the knowledge and resources for successful RAID data recovery

Due to the highly technical nature of RAID recoveries, recovery providers not only need an inordinate amount of experience with RAID, they also need to have the storage capacity to handle a large amount of data. This is an area which sets Ontrack apart from the rest of the providers in the market. Our engineers combined have over 1,400 years of data recovery experience and our facilities are able to adapt easily to accommodate large amounts of data.


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