Samsung Data Protection

Service Benefits:

  • Safe handling of your files with fast, secure and confidential data recovery.
  • Expert data recovery performed by experienced professionals in Singapore's most advanced data recovery clean room environment.
  • 1 year complimentary data recovery service for external storage.*
  • 1 year complimentary data recovery service for internal storage.*

* Valid when registered within 30 days of invoice or purchase receipt. Product packaging with valid Ontrack Data Recovery coverage sticker must also be provided when making data recovery claim.

Please contact us at +65 3158 5817 or email to work with a data recovery specialist if you have any queries.

This Service Includes:

  • One data recovery attempt for Samsung SSD with valid Ontrack Data Recovery coverage sticker on the product packaging.
  • The Samsung SSD all types of hard drives for the following listed external and internal storage models sold through authorised Singapore distributors. This service is on a reasonable effort basis and does not guarantee the recovery of (all) data in all cases.
  • Access to a service portal to view the status of the data recovery process and the evaluation report.
  • The complimentary data recovery programme will be voided if there is a manufacturer's recall.
  • The internal drives are covered as a standalone function (RAID not covered).
  • Read full terms and conditions.
  • Please register within 30 days of purchase with legitimate computerized printed receipt to claim the complimentary data recovery coverage. Otherwise, the complimentary data recovery plan will not be honoured.
  • Please produce valid invoice or purchase receipt when making data recovery claim.

Product Registration to Activate Protection Plan

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Samsung Hard Drive! Simply fill in the form to start your complimentary data protection plan.

Fill out the registration form below to activate the Ontrack Data Recovery Protection Plan. Click Choose File to upload a scan or copy of your proof of purchase of your device.

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