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The causes of data loss are in front of the screen, not behind it

Technology is becoming more sophisticated by the second, but large organisations’ dependency on interconnected systems means that data loss caused by faulty hardware or user error can cripple the ability of businesses to operate. This can also cause a knock-on impact on their business partners in their extended supply chain.

In one case Kroll Ontrack worked on recently, a bank with operations in several European countries had undertaken routine maintenance work on its main transaction server.  When the server was rebooted it would no longer start, simply because a link between two clusters was not closed down during the maintenance work.  There was a backup copy of the data on another server, but this failed as well because of the mistake with the link.  It took two days to restore the server, putting huge pressure on the bank’s ability to operate efficiently.

The impact of such incidents is becoming much greater and more widespread across organisations’ supply chains.  Twenty seven percent of businesses recently surveyed by Kroll Ontrack said their most recent loss disrupted a business process and prohibited them providing a product or service to their customers. Thankfully for the European bank their data loss didn’t cause them to suspend operations – but it was close. Data loss causes occur for many different reasons, but most are the result of poor internal governance.  While software vendors respond to market requirements for technology that is cloud-ready, easy to install and based on virtual platforms, this is also opening up the risks of accidental deletion of files, volumes or even virtual drives for companies that don’t have the right policies in place.

Simply having a back-up of corporate systems in this environment is not enough.  As well as ensuring that adequate data recovery plans are in place, organisations need to invest in skills and toolsets that ensure everyone is aware of potential problems caused by user error.  Is your organisation prepared for data loss? Does your organisation have what it takes to divert a data loss disaster?  Let us know.

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