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Gently does it: take care with your hardware

One of the most common data recovery scenarios that we see are cases where hard drives (both internal and external) have stopped working as a result of being dropped or knocked.

Although most commonly occurring with laptops, this is also a regular occurrence with external storage devices. It is very easy for someone to accidentally knock a drive from the top of their desk, for example.

Although 3.5″ (desktop) drives are slightly more robust than their 2.5″ (laptop) brothers: the former having platters made of aluminium, versus the glass platters used in laptop drives. Instantly we can see a big problem here. Dropping a drive with metal platters will definitely cause some damage, but nothing compared to the potential risks of dropping a drive with glass platters.

As you can see from the picture, this poor laptop drive was dropped and the platter has shattered in to many minute pieces. Naturally there is no possibility of data recovery in this case.

It is important to look after any type of storage media, particularly when your hardware has delicate internal components and contains important data.

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