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Backup and recovery ‘should be adaptive’

Businesses wishing to increase the likelihood of overcoming a serious data loss or prolonged period of downtime should ensure their IT backup and data recovery measures are switched from a “reactive” to “adaptive” process.

This is the view of David Jones, general manager for enterprise data protection at HP, who told IT Pro Portal there remain many businesses that are confused regarding their backup and recovery needs.

With an array of technologies available for data management in use by companies, understanding the complexities of real-time recovery and the interplay of systems is a must if firms do not wish to be caught out in times of emergency.

This means employing a recovery system that marries with existing data storage infrastructure and that can be swiftly put into action when required.

Mr Jones also highlighted ongoing efforts to reinvent the data protection sector, “by including deep analytics, collaboration, enterprise, cloud and mobility capabilities – resulting in a backup offering that transforms the data centre from a reactive to a proactive operation”.

Complex data recovery requires expertise. Speak to the data recovery industry pioneers at Kroll Ontrack for free advice to investigate options to recover from any data loss type, system or cause.

From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/backup-and-recovery-should-be-adaptive258.aspx

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