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Best practice highlighted for big data stacks

Many businesses are embracing the use of big data to complement their existing customer research management protocols, but some are achieving better results than others at present.

As a result, senior director and solution lead for big data at CenturyLink Technology Solutions Milan Vaclavik has offered some best practice advice on how companies can tailor their data stacks to get the biggest bang for their buck.

He told Forbes there is a growing demand for “scalable” and “secure” big data IT infrastructure and this means paying close attention to the make-up of data management stacks.

As a result, he highlighted four layers of investment companies should examine in order to get the most out of their systems, with the primary layer being that of infrastructure.

Businesses need highly scalable, flexible and reliant data systems and therefore investment in the latest enterprise-grade storage and data transfer equipment is a must.

Mr Vaclavik then revealed companies should focus on data in the next layer of IT enterprise solutions, with this where firms manage information and data architecture.

Ensuring timely, accurate and comprehensive information is maintained within systems is important for the delivery of big data insights and therefore all data should be easily accessible and regularly updated.

This brings us on to the insight layer of IT infrastructure and this is where companies are able to reap the largest benefits from big data. Best practice should include the incorporation of existing analytics tools with newer applications in order to extract the largest data sets for examination.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly in this day and age, is the IT security layer, as this ensure unauthorised access to sensitive consumer and business documents is protected against, as well as enabling the monitoring and management of information. This is a provision that spans all three previous layers of successful big data infrastructure.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/best-practice-highlighted-for-big-data-stacks607.aspx

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