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Big data questions that need to be asked

Big data is a theme of modern business, in so much that the increased level of connectivity between consumers and companies in the online environment has led to far greater amounts of information being collected than ever before by firms.

However, with this growth in information come a number of concerns that businesses now need to be aware of if they wish to leverage the best insights from the use of big data and avoid the pitfalls this change can also bring.

Brian Meegan of Kroll Ontrack wrote in the latest edition of the Ediscovery Blog that security for firms operating a big data approach should be at the forefront of business planning, as failure to adequately protect sensitive consumer files can land an organisation in very hot water.

As a result, he advised examining both physical and online protection measures, including issues like adequate cooling for servers, network firewalls, adequate storage capacity and comprehensive access controls.

Meanwhile, businesses must have a plan in place for swift data recovery actions in the event of either a data breach or other emergency situation.

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