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Big data trends for 2015 revealed

President of Transworld Data Mary Shacklett has offered her predictions for the major trends likely to emerge in the management of big data over the coming year.

She told Tech Republic that big data will continue to dominate many company’s investment plans for 2015, but a range of new factors will also come into play as the year progresses.

“In 2014, enterprises advanced their big data initiatives by converting plans into working projects,” she argued. “In 2015, these businesses will know much more about big data, and what it can and cannot do. Unsurprisingly, many will create their 2015 budgets based upon what they have learned.”

As such, some of the strongest factors that will influence big data trends for the coming year are likely to include a significant growth in real-time data, with businesses increasingly looking to carry out real-time analytics and be able to restore files more swiftly, with data recovery systems built into IT infrastructure.

Meanwhile, business continuity plans will increasingly take into account big data as an important part of the decision-making process for company leaders and ensure that in times of crisis, the restoration of systems managing big data analytics become an increasingly high priority to get back up and running.

Ms Shacklett went on to add that 2015 is also likely to witness a new emphasis on data collection and the categorising of information. Firms will increasingly understand the need to collect data that can provide a real boost to business decision-making, while at the same time disregarding that information that does not.

For this reason, a growing trend for data analysts to improve their library skills to more swiftly categorise and analyse data is also set to be seen.

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