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Businesses advised on data recovery

Businesses utilising large amounts of data should always be prepared for the worst, as the loss of such information can represent not only a risk of falling foul of the law but also have a considerable impact on a company’s reputation and bottom line.

As such, president and chief executive officer at LC Technology International advised Fierce CIO on the important elements of any effective data recovery plan.

He stated: “By following several best practices, employees and IT can spend more time on business goals and less time recovering or worrying about data.”

The first businesses must consider is the likelihood of hardware failure, as this can cause considerable headaches if data is not sufficiently backed up.

After this, firms are advised to invest in a SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology) system to monitor the status of hard drives; ensuring all IT systems are functioning at their optimal levels and are not in danger of burnout.

The use of public and private clouds can also help to considerably improve recovery efforts in an emergency, as access to information stored on these systems is far greater than physical storage.

Users are able to access files from a range of locations, therefore a disaster striking one area of a business will not result in a lack of availability of data and companies can recover much more quickly.

Finally, firms are advised to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place and to regularly test these protocols to ensure that when they are required for real they perform as well as expected.

Effective data recovery planning should therefore be a cornerstone of any company’s ongoing data management policy, with attention being focused not only how information can be effectively safeguarded against loss, but also how it can be swiftly recovered in the event of a disaster.

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