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Cloud archiving ‘could come to the fore’

Investing in cloud technologies has significantly gathered pace over recent years, with myriad companies turning to this technology to create increased flexibility and capacity within their IT infrastructure.

However, the system could provide a wide range of other benefits for firms in the years ahead, including more streamlined data archiving, backup and disaster recovery capabilities, Processor.com reports.

Amy DeCarlo, principal analyst for security and data centre services at Current Analysis, told the publication: “Archived data is typically data that businesses or government organisations are keeping around for compliance or legal purposes, not because it’s something they need to search through for ongoing discovery.”

As a result, she argued storing this information in the cloud could provide a relatively inexpensive solution for firms, while at the same time ensuring that this data is easily accessible should it be required in the future.

Furthermore, because the cost of cloud storage solutions continues to fall, this is a process that could deliver in greater financial benefits to businesses in the years ahead.

In addition, placing archived and backed up data in to the cloud means companies faced with issues of data loss or another emergency can quickly and easily restore lost files by drawing upon these data sets.

Ms DeCarlo concluded that businesses taking this approach to data management in the future “can minimise any kind of outage and maintain operational continuity” even in the face of widespread data losses across a network.

However, she noted it is also important that smaller systems – not just larger data sets – are earmarked for archiving on a regular basis to ensure these safeguards remain effective.

The implications of a lack of effective data recovery planning can be both expensive and costly in terms lost reputation, so it always pays for firms to have their business-critical data effectively backed up and archived.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/cloud-archiving-could-come-to-the-fore197.aspx

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