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Common cloud myths revealed

Businesses across the UK are continuing to embrace cloud computing infrastructure at an impressive rate, but this does not mean there are not some common myths surrounding the technology that still need to be dispelled.

IT sector analyst Gartner has therefore taken it upon itself to do just that and has highlighted several of the most popular myths and debunked them.

Indeed, vice president and Gartner Fellow David Mitchell Smith commented: “Cloud computing, by its very nature, is uniquely vulnerable to the risks of myths.

“From a consumer perspective, ‘in the cloud’ means where the magic happens, where the implementation details are supposed to be hidden. So it should be no surprise that such an environment is rife with myths and misunderstandings.”

One of the first misconceptions tackled by the organisation is the premise that cloud systems can be a panacea to all the problems facing IT infrastructure for firms.

The cloud should not be viewed as a one-stop remedy for data management problems, but instead it can be a useful tool to bolster services like swift data recovery in times of crisis or in opening up critical information to a greater number of users in different locations more easily.

Meanwhile, the idea that cloud computing is an “all or nothing” approach to data management is something many businesses need to get away from. Indeed, the cloud can be implemented for parts of a business and not others, in stages or all at once – it is this flexibility that can be a major advantage of the technology to firms.

Finally, the myth that the cloud is less secure than more traditional IT systems is something that now needs to be put to bed for good.

While the perception in some quarters may be that this is the case, it is certainly not the reality, with very few security breaches reported in cloud systems to date and as the technology continues to evolve the focus on security is only likely to get stronger, meaning it will be even less likely that breaches will occur in the future.

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