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Companies ‘must protect valuable data’

Businesses should have effective data recovery provisions in place to protect their essential files and avoid costly damages, a sector expert has argued.

Paul Le Messurier, programme and operations manager at Kroll Ontrack, told readers of Tech Reader how the average cost per year of data loss incidents to businesses now stands at £2 million and this represents a serious additional expense that many firms are simply unable to afford.

He stated: “Data has value and we need to safeguard it … We buy insurance to prepare for the worse, but we need to protect data by backing it up too.”

According to research cited by Mr Le Messurier, the most common cause of data loss is traditional hardware failure of hard drives, accounting for 67 per cent of all incidents.

It is therefore essential companies keep their systems up to date in terms of investing in the latest data storage technologies, while at the same time ensuring they have provisions in place to recover lost data in the event of a systems crash.

Complex data recovery requires expertise. Speak to the data recovery industry pioneers at Kroll Ontrack for free advice to investigate options to recover from any data loss type, system or cause.

From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/companies-must-protect-valuable-data879.aspx

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