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‘Creative measures needed’ to protect against data loss

Businesses wishing to safeguard their essential information need to get creative when t comes to tackling the myriad threats to security they face on a daily basis.

Former assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security in the US Stewart A Baker told the New York Times that cyber security has become something of a “cat and mouse game” between companies and cyber criminals, with developments in the field of data security constantly having to adjust to new threats that are emerging.

With this in mind, firms wishing to offset these risks are advised to employ a range of measures designed to promote a safer system of IT infrastructure, with a strong emphasis on data recovery and limited access to files at their heart.

Digital Trends suggests the first thing businesses looking to boost their data security should do is effectively back up their servers and create full recovery discs – while keeping one set of backup files off site can be an extra measure to boost security in times of emergency.

Next, firms should ensure they are using regularly updated antivirus and security software on all their systems, as well as never installing software from untrusted or unknown sources.

When it comes to employee behaviour, there are also a number of methods for improving security, such as never clicking on links or banners in emails or online, as well as always deleting any unsolicited requests for personal details.

Staff should also be careful about using banking or other high-security applications over public and free Wi-Fi – especially important given the growth in flexible working that is seeing more people heading out of the office to work in possibly unsecured locations.

Complex data recovery requires expertise. Speak to the data recovery industry pioneers at Kroll Ontrack for free advice to investigate options to recover from any data loss type, system or cause.

From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/creative-measures-needed-to-protect-against-data-loss151.aspx

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