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Data deduplication techniques ‘should be assessed’

Companies keen to reduce the amount of information being stored as part of data archiving strategies should consider updating their data deduplication practices.

This is the view of Jim O’Reilly, former vice-president of Germane Systems, who wrote in an article for Tech Page One how a review of traditional deduplication techniques could result in considerable efficiency improvements for business IT departments.

He highlighted the use of inline deduplication as a significant space-saver, with this method ensuring duplicate data is removed from storage files either prior to or during the storage transfer process.

Read operations can also benefit from inline deduplication, as this enables the use of shareable master copies.

In addition, effective compression of storage files can also help businesses considerably increase their data storage capacity, while at the same time improving performance for users if these files are transferred when compressed and then expanded in the host when accessed.

Mr O’Reilly concluded: “Deduplication and compression can bring substantial cost savings and performance benefits. These technologies are likely to become standard product features in the evolution to a more software-centric storage view.”

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/data-deduplication-techniques-should-be-assessed565.aspx

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