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Data destruction law change ahead

With impending new rules regarding the removal of sensitive consumer data for all businesses operating within the EU, it is imperative businesses are taking their data destruction responsibilities seriously.

Coming into force from the end of this year, Real Business reports all companies must put in place measures to systematically remove all customer data if individuals ask for this to happen, while firms must also now receive explicit consent for personal information to be collated in the first place before it can be stored.

A new opt-in approach to marketing is being rolled out across the EU amid rising concerns that companies could be holding on to personal consumer information without the individual’s awareness.

Overall, the volume of data being managed by businesses not just in Europe but around the world is skyrocketing at present, with this information playing a crucial role in enabling companies to leverage a competitive edge in the marketplace.

However, the upcoming changes to the EU Data Protection Directive – which was first introduced in 1995 – will soon mean firms must be more open with the public about what this information is being used for.

David Smith, deputy commissioner at the Information Commissioner’s Office, stated: “Businesses that plan to collect information that will require explicit consent must ensure that, in all their processes, it is very clear what data is being collected and for what purpose.

“It is important that the consent to collect data and use it for a specific purpose is prominent and not tucked away somewhere in a user agreement.”

The ability to remove all traces of personal information at the request of consumers should therefore be a growing priority for businesses in the coming months, with comprehensive data destruction systems a key investment that should be considered.

“Get your house in order now under the current law, to ensure you are ready for the coming changes, because the principles are not very different,” Mr Smith concluded.

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