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Data destruction processes ‘must be traceable’

Companies wishing to avoid costly data protection breaches should ensure they effectively remove any potentially sensitive data from old devices before recycling them.

Adrian Briscoe, general manager for the Asia-Pacific region at Kroll OnTrack, wrote in a piece for Dynamic Business how many firms will simply format drives before sending them for re-use, but this practice may not be enough to completely remove any information they contain.

He argued that this process simply removes entries within the index or table of contents for the drive relating to where files are stored.

Instead, a comprehensive data destruction solution should be employed to completely remove all information from these devices.

What’s more, all applications used to remove data from IT systems should be fully traceable – ensuring they produce verification and erasure reports to highlight the extent of deletion that has taken place.

“At a minimum, select a tool that provides traceable destruction documentation to support compliance and reduce risk,” Mr Briscoe concluded.

For peace of mind that end of life data is permanently destroyed, contact Kroll Ontrack for cost-effective and compliant end-of-life data erasure solutions.

From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/data-destruction-processes-must-be-traceable874.aspx

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