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Data recovery essentials to be aware of

Businesses need to be aware of the myriad risks their companies can face on a daily basis when it comes to the protection of their essential data and sensitive business records.

Pam Lyra, vice president of customer satisfaction and operations for Axcient, told entrepreneur.com how effective disaster recovery planning and providing up-to-date training for staff can help to reduce the likelihood of firms being unable to carry out comprehensive data recovery practices in times of emergency.

Indeed, Ms Lyra stated: “Many people have developed a false sense of security with their phones, tablets and computers, storing loads of information on them.

“But how much of their day-to-day existence would be interrupted if the information they counted on could not be accessed? Could they easily recover?”

As a result, Ms Lyra has highlighted some of the essential steps businesses should be undertaking to put in place effective data recovery safeguards.

The first is to identify those business-critical files that a company simply cannot do without. These should be placed as a high priority for recovery in times of emergency, while in general, they should also be backed up more regularly than standard data to ensure they are as up-to-date as possible at all times.

Next, critical applications that carry out essential business functions should be classified by tier and processes implemented to ensure that they are safe in the event of catastrophic failure – this should be carried out company-wide and take into account all IT systems, including network, cloud and mobile applications.

External storage can be a positive means for reducing the risk of considerable downtime from a data loss incident, as files can swiftly be recovered in the event of a localised emergency, while Ms Lyra concludes the creation of a consistent backup format and providing regular training to staff on the use of backup and recovery systems is also essential.

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