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Demand for storage devices ‘fuelled by data growth’

Demand is growing for the latest data archiving and storage devices, as companies witness a continued increase in the amount of data they are handling on a daily basis.

A new report from Global Industry Analysts (GIA) has revealed the amount of data being collated by firms is growing at rate of over 65 per cent per year and this is placing increasing pressure on company IT infrastructure across the globe.

In total, the annual amount of data being generated around the world is set to grow to more than three million petabytes. As a result, GIA has predicted the number of data archiving and storage units being sold will rise to 5.8 billion by the end of the decade.

More efficient data backup systems and larger storage devices are increasingly important areas of investment for businesses in the years ahead, as the amount of information could swamp existing IT infrastructure if improvements are not carried out.

Developments including the Internet of Things (IoT) and the growth in big data awareness are driving investment and demand for new and improved storage and analysis systems, as companies that are able to successfully draw on larger data sets to gain insights into market and consumer developments have the potential to gain a competitive advantage.

Earl Perkins, research vice president at Gartner, recently argued the IoT in particular will have a considerable impact on business data management, as the lack of current understanding of the IoT premise holds pitfalls in terms of both growth in data and also safeguarding information.

“What constitutes an IoT object is still up for argument, so securing the IoT is a ‘moving target’,” Mr Perkins commented.

It remains an issue that needs clearing up over the coming years, but what is clear is that businesses will need to invest in improved storage capacity if they wish to get the best out growing amounts of data.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/demand-for-storage-devices-fuelled-by-data-growth693.aspx

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