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‘Don’t delay’ when faced with data loss

Losing data can be a harrowing experience for business IT users, as this situation can lead to a loss of reputation and even fines if the information relates to sensitive customer or client data.

However, the Hamilton Spectator reports the situation can be rescued in the majority of cases, but it is important for individuals to act fast and contact a professional data recovery provider if the information cannot be restored in-house.

Data recovery processes can be complex, therefore it often pays for companies to call in those individuals who have the necessary expertise and knowledge to carry out these practices without causing further harm to IT systems.

Whatever the cause of data loss – be it hardware failure, human error, a security breach or all manner of other reasons – it is imperative for businesses to act swiftly and not to panic.

Staff members can in fact do more harm than good if they attempt to recover this lost data on their own, as blindly searching for a solution can often lead to other files becoming corrupted or deleted and this just compounds the problem of restoring the original data.

As a result, businesses should trust their data recovery provider to carry out the task on their behalf and hand over all necessary equipment that has been affected in the incident.

This also reduces the likely amount of downtime a business will suffer, as they can work safe in the knowledge they are not stumbling in the dark to recover essential lost data and instead the problem is being dealt with by professionals.

Indeed, figures from BSM Info recently showed that 90 per cent of businesses that suffer considerable data loss and are unable to recover the lost files are forced to close within two years of the incident.

When looking for data recovery services, look for one with a track record of success. Ontrack Data Recovery services has 40,000 data recovery stories to tell every year.

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