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DR planning ‘must be taken seriously’

Companies wishing to safeguard their future operations must take the issue of disaster recovery (DR) planning seriously.

IT Web reports chief technology officer at Attix5 Petrus Human recently told attendees of the Cloud World Forum 2014 in London that the issue of data loss is one that all companies need to be acutely aware of and therefore putting in place the right tools and processes for swift data recovery is a must.

He cited figures from Gartner, which stated that just 35 per cent of businesses currently have an effective and tested DR plan in place, meaning the vast majority of firms could be running the risk of considerable downtime and costs in the event of an emergency.

“Most businesses have some sort of backup plan in place, but what happens when disaster actually strikes? We want to increase the awareness around the fact that many organisations could be in trouble,” he stated.

Overall, Mr Human argued businesses will often place data loss among their chief concerns during times of emergency, but covering all bases in terms of the myriad causes for this can be difficult.

Problems can arise through natural disaster, human error, technology failure and for a range of other reasons, but what each of these difficulties has in common is the need for forthright action to restore information at times of need.

Creating a bespoke DR plan is therefore essential for all businesses wishing to be prepared for the worst, so tasking individual teams within an organisation to highlight their specific concerns regarding data loss and how these problems can be addressed should be a good place to start.

Once these issues have been highlighted, managers should examine means for restoring lost information as quickly as possible, as this will enable businesses to get back up and running, limiting their exposure to costly downtime and potential financial and reputational impact in the future.

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