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EE: Tablets to usurp laptops as top UK business device

A new study suggests that within the next ten years, laptops will be usurped by tablets as the UK’s favourite portable business device.

Mobile network operator EE surveyed some 2,000 UK workers on whether they thought the tablet would ever catch on in the workplace, or if they reckoned the ubiquitous business laptop would continue to reign supreme for the foreseeable future.

It turned out that more than half of respondents (52 per cent) believed their employers will make the switch within the next ten years, with over a third (36 per cent) claiming the more traditional computers will be formally retired in favour of touchscreen devices even sooner.

Moreover, just under a third (31 per cent) reported that laptop use is declining in their own workplace, with around a quarter (24 per cent) having personally transitioned to using tablets predominantly.

One EE customer – Sunsail, a global yachting charter company – spoke particularly avidly of its experience with the smaller form-factor devices.

“Since introducing tablets into the business, we’ve seen a 60 per cent increase in customer engagement and we predict we will save over £10,000 per year on labour and direct costs – directly benefitting our bottom line,” said director Simon Boulding.

EE’s director of small business Mike Tomlinson concluded: “Our research clearly shows that businesses are mobilising their workforces and that tablets are rapidly becoming the primary device of choice.”

However, replacing laptops with tablets in the workplace is not without its own risks.

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