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Firms not doing enough to achieve cyber resilience, says Accenture

Most firms are not doing enough to ensure their resilience to cyber attacks, a new study has claimed – although many may actually think the opposite is true.

According to Accenture, which published the results of a survey of almost 1,000 C-suite executives on July 29th, almost nine in ten businesses (88 per cent) consider their cyber defence strategy to be “robust, understood and fully functional”.

What’s more, a similar figure (86 per cent) said they actively measured their firms’ cyber resilience to determine whether or not improvements were required.

However, just over half (53 per cent) of respondents told pollsters they had a business continuity plan in place that was refreshed as and when necessary.

Just 45 per cent had produced threat models around existing and planned business operations in order to deliver rapid responses to cyber attacks, and only 38 per cent had documented the relationships between their technological and operational assets to fully understand the risks and dependencies within their organisations.

Finally, just nine per cent of respondents said their firms tested their cyber resilience “on a continuous basis”, using inward-directed attacks and intentional failures to gauge their ability to respond to real-world incidents effectively.

Brian Walker, managing director of Accenture Technology Strategy, said the data “clearly shows that companies by and large have more work to do”.

He added that chief executives should work closely with the rest of their leadership teams, as well as with their boards of directors, to genuinely bolster their firms’ business continuity efforts.

“They cannot prevent an attack or failure, but they can mitigate the damage it can cause by taking steps to make their business more resilient, agile and fault-tolerant,” Mr Walker concluded.

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From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/firms-not-doing-enough-to-achieve-cyber-resilience,-says-accenture633.aspx

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