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Holiday gadgets bring data breach risk, warns EY

Workers who return to their offices after the Christmas break armed with new gadgets might unwittingly be increasing their employers’ risk of a data breach, according to EY.

Massimo Cotrozzi, director of the firm’s Cybercrime Investigations unit, told SCMagazine UK today (January 9th) that smartphones, tablets and other devices bought over the holiday period are starting to flood into workplaces worldwide, bringing with them new cyber threats.

This is because businesses have so far failed to invest in security measures that render bring-your-own-device (BYOD) working practices less of a vulnerability, he said.

At the same time, modern smartphones and tablets feature more sophisticated integration with cloud services than their predecessors, increasing the number of places that an organisation’s data might end up.

“We are only in the first few days of 2015, but we are already seeing issues with companies leaving themselves exposed to this phenomenon,” Mr Cotrozzi commented.

“The new smart mobile, tablet and wearable tech that employees bring into the office could be now connecting via the corporate wireless networks to external cloud systems which, in the best case, have not been appropriately protected, let alone tested.”

As a result of these trends, businesses “could be caught napping” while hackers penetrate their systems and make off with sensitive data, he concluded.

Organisations have recently been warned to expect a wider range of cyber attack techniques than ever before in 2015, with a number of industry experts predicting a rise in the number of incidents where data is maliciously destroyed.

This could have the effect of forcing companies to focus on implementing data recovery plans in an effort to prevent breaches from rendering mission-critical records irretrievable.

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