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How to de-risk archive migration

Businesses can often store large quantities of data with third-party data centre providers, but when it comes time to transfer this information either back in-house or to a new supplier, it is essential business leaders are aware of potential hiccups they could face.

Technology management consultant Keith Townsend explained to Tech Republic how data archiving migration can be a complex matter, with connectivity one of the biggest stumbling blocks businesses can face.

It is for this reason that many businesses tend to utilise multiple connections for a smoother flow of data, while the provisioning of a single leased line can also reduce the likelihood of synchronisation issues in the transfer process.

“A successful data centre migration strategy begins with identifying … availability prior to any migration activity,” Mr Townsend concluded.

As such, it is essential that identifying hardware and connectivity issues be placed as a top priority when considering the pros and cons of a migration policy for firms.

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