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Hybrid IT ‘causing headaches for data recovery’

The majority of businesses operate with a range of IT systems to carry out their daily functions and this could be causing headaches for those firms in need of swift and efficient disaster and data recovery, an industry expert has claimed.

Seema Sheeth-Voss of Sungard AS wrote in a blog post for Forbes how the majority of companies (65 per cent), while utilising one main IT system for business-critical functions, operate an array of technologies to provide staff with the tools they need to carry out their role.

“For the most part, IT managers are on top of their game managing and integrating these systems and getting them to run smoothly at top efficiency,” Ms Sheeth-Voss commented.

“Recovering these fractured environments, however, is a much more complex and risk-laden ‘adventure’.”

Indeed, businesses need to be fully aware of what each of their systems entails and how it is managed, ensuring that in the event of an emergency they have adequate provisions in place to recover lost data.

This leads to a larger amount of variables to deal with and can complicate the process of recovery at a time when companies are at their most vulnerable.

As a result, ensuring as many processes and applications as possible can be housed under a single platform can have a significant bearing on a company’s ability to weather disasters effectively.

Total recovery times can vary widely depending upon the complexity of the system being restored and the amount of data lost. It is therefore imperative to make this process as straightforward as possible.

Understanding the importance of an effective data recovery policy should therefore be a top priority for IT departments, as the loss of business-critical files or sensitive consumer information can land firms in significant hot water.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/hybrid-it-causing-headaches-for-data-recovery837.aspx

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