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Impact of big data on data archiving revealed

Growth in big data usage is placing a considerable strain on many traditional data archiving and recovery systems.

This is the view of president of Transworld Data Mary Shacklett, who told Tech Republic that companies now need to be more aware than ever of the volume of information they are handling on a daily basis, as failure to properly manage data archiving needs could result in a considerable loss in productivity.

“This backup task can be next to impossible in big data ‘real time’ shops because of the sheer size of the data that must be backed up and back online when production is scheduled to start again,” Ms Shacklett revealed.

As a result, businesses now need to focus on methods for reducing downtime associated with the backup process. One solution to this problem could be an incremental approach to backup, whereby firms carry out archiving in sections during the course of a month, rather than in one fell swoop.

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From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/impact-of-big-data-on-data-archiving-revealed359.aspx

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