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Innovative thinking ‘important for data recovery’

Providing staff members with the tools and necessary training to be able to think on their feet and act decisively in emergency scenarios can hold the key to effective data recovery and maintaining a firm’s competitive edge over the long-term.

This is the view of Natalie Lehr, director of analytics at TSC Advantage, who wrote in her latest blog for Harvard Business Review that fostering an attitude of independence and decisiveness among workers can lead to distinct benefits for firms.

“Employees too often decide that, because they can’t see clearly on all sides, they can’t move – even if the spot upon which they’re standing is the worst place to be,” she noted.

As such, Ms Lehr argued businesses need to empower their employees to act on their instincts and be dynamic in their approach to solving problems.

She gave the example of an employee who carries out a cyber attack on her own IT systems, as in this way she can better understand the firm’s vulnerabilities in this area and take steps to provide better safeguards against such an outside threat in the future.

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From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/innovative-thinking-important-for-data-recovery528.aspx

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