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IoT ‘to have major impact on security’

The Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to have a considerable impact on data security budgets and activities for companies over the coming years.

Earl Perkins, research vice president at Gartner, has argued the IoT will impact all aspects of business security, from data archiving to the daily handling of vast amounts of new information being created as a result of the explosion in the number of devices being connected to the internet.

He stated the IoT is “redrawing the lines of IT responsibilities”, enabling a greater use of automation to make people’s lives easier and to carry out essential tasks for business, such as monitoring the temperature of environments in food manufacturing and remotely accessing controls to manage temperature when needed.

Moreover, the data that will be produced is increasing in volume all the time and this presents serious concerns for firms in terms of how they will store and handle such vast swathes of new information.

“Another unique characteristic of the IoT is the sheer number of possible combinations of device technologies and services that can be applied to those use cases. What constitutes an IoT object is still up for argument, so securing the IoT is a ‘moving target’,” Mr Perkins commented.

“However, it is possible for chief information security officers to establish an interim planning strategy, one that takes advantage of the ‘bottom-up’ approach available today for securing the IoT.”

At present, Mr Perkins argued there is no real guide to best practice in the handling of data from the IoT, as it is such a new phenomenon.

However, over the coming years there will be a rapid increase in information being handled by businesses from this source and this is likely to have a dramatic impact on not only security, but also all aspects of data management for firms.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/iot-to-have-major-impact-on-security431.aspx

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