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IT departments lag 2 years behind working trends, say users

A new survey has shown that in the eyes of end users, IT departments are regularly guilty of lagging behind current working trends by as much as two years, if not longer.

The average organisation’s IT team is 21 months behind the curve when it comes to supporting modern workplace technologies and practices like the cloud and bring-your-own-device, the research revealed.

Moreover, a third of IT departments are only now adapting to changes that were at the cutting edge over two years ago, it found.

One expert at Intercity Technology – the unified communications provider that carried out the survey – claimed the findings show how IT commonly serves “as a barrier rather than an enabler” for most organisations, harming employee productivity as a result.

“Our research has shown that there is a clear disconnect between what IT is provided to employees and what employees need in order to be productive,” said Product Director Maria Grant.

“This is potentially why our research has found that IT departments fall behind by nearly two years when it comes to supporting current working trends.”

According to the survey, almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of end users believe they should be given greater influence over the IT solutions they use to do their jobs – an opinion with which few IT managers were found to agree.

In fact, fewer than a than a third of IT departments ask for feedback from employees before procuring and deploying new technologies, the research revealed.

Asked why having this responsibility would be beneficial to the business, just under four-fifths (79 per cent) of end users said using the right technology would “make them more productive in the workplace”.

According to Intercity, the reluctance of the average IT department to work with non-IT decision makers could be down to concerns over security and data loss when introducing new technologies.

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