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IT devices ‘must be properly wiped’

When it is time to recycle or replace existing IT infrastructure, businesses need to be aware of the importance of an effective data destruction and removal strategy.

Gary Hilson of the EE Times states business leaders need to understand that simply formatting these devices will not be enough to remove all of the information they contain.

Overwriting existing data with new information – simply a random allocation of null data will do – is what is actually needed, as even when a format is carried out, the information contained on hard drives remains.

Meanwhile, portable equipment like business phones, tablets or flash drives should also have this process carried out before these items are discarded, as failure to do so could lead to sensitive customer or company information falling into the wrong hands.

There are several applications that can now be easily downloaded to facilitate a more thorough destruction of drive data, but for full peace of mind it can often be best to turn to the professionals who can guarantee nothing potentially damaging to a business will be left behind.

For peace of mind that end-of-life data is permanently destroyed, contact Kroll Ontrack for cost-effective and compliant end-of-life data erasure solutions.

From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/it-devices-must-be-properly-wiped256.aspx

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