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IT professionals ‘fear growing data centre skills gap’

The majority of IT professionals believe that skills shortages in data centre management will become a critical business concern in 2015, according to a new study.

Commissioned by Zenium Technology Partners and carried out by Dynamic Markets, the research comprised interviews with 210 senior IT decision-makers in the UK and Turkey.

It found that more than nine in ten (93 per cent) were aware of a growing data centre skills gap, with almost two-thirds (64 per cent) expecting this to have a detrimental impact on their business within the next two years.

This reflects the findings of a recent survey from CompTIA, which revealed that 93 per cent of UK executives rate data centre management skills as important, while 40 per cent are concerned about potential skills shortages in the field.

However, Zenium’s study also found that only a few decision-makers are attempting to tackle the problem, with just 29 per cent of respondents having made efforts to close the skills gap.

Frank Sodzawiczny, the founder and chief executive of Zenium, argued that this negligence could result in firms losing access to mission-critical data when they need it most.

“Data is driving every business today and the increasing demands for real-time access to it in order to stay competitive means that systems need to be running effectively and efficiently 24/7,” he commented.

“Quite simply, you need the very best people supporting these infrastructures, as failures can be catastrophic.”

Last week, research carried out by BSA revealed that 65 per cent of EU firms believe data to be integral to their business, with 24 per cent citing a specific need for analytics in order to drive growth and innovation.

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