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Major cyber threats to business highlighted

A new report from Verizon has highlighted the major threats most companies will face when it comes to safeguarding sensitive and private information from the attention of cyber criminals.

According to the company’s latest Data Breach Investigations Report, 92 per cent of the more than 10,000 data security incidents that have been reported to the analyst over the last decade can be traced back to just nine attack vectors.

This means companies keen to maintain a safe and secure data management policy must be aware of these common threats to security, with Verizon stating the most likely methods utilised by criminals in recent years have been malware attacks, device loss or theft, distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, payment card skimming and web app attacks

In addition, cyber-espionage, point-of-sale intrusions, insider theft and miscellaneous errors all emerged as chief threats to information security.

However, the breakdown of threats across different sectors can be varied, with the analyst stating that in manufacturing for example, 54 per cent of recent cyber attacks have been the result of cyber-espionage and DDoS.

In retail the majority of attacks are DDoS and point-of-sale intrusions, while the financial services industry is particularly prone to threats from web application attacks, DDoS and card skimming.

Pinpointing this trend though could have a beneficial impact for businesses, as it highlights the areas from which threats are most likely to come.

As a result, companies hoping to better safeguard files should invest in the latest data security technologies and methods to bolster their existing IT infrastructure protection.

Jay Jacobs, prinicpal on Verizon’s risk team, told V3: “The solution [to these threats] is not to look for alternatives to the username and password login, but to add to it, such as with the ‘what you have’ method where you have a key fob or an app on your mobile that generates a code that you use alongside your credentials.”

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