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Market grows for external disk storage sector

New figures published by Gartner have highlighted an upturn in the global external controller-based disk storage market during the final quarter of last year.

According to the organisation’s data, the sector grew by five per cent to $6.3 billion (£3.78 billion) in comparison to the same period in 2012.

In the light of a fragile global economy at present, this increase in value for the industry is a welcome one for the IT industry as a whole, with more companies utilising this form of data archiving technology to backup their essential business information.

EMC maintained its position as the world’s most prolific vendor during Q4 last year, capturing a market share of 34.3 per cent (up from 33.5 per cent in Q4 2012).

Meanwhile, IBM held on to second position despite an annual dip in its share of the sector from 13.3 to 12.7 per cent.

NetApp2, HP and Hitachi/HDS3 rounded out the top five vendors for the final quarter of 2014.

Roger Cox, research vice president at Gartner, commented: “Following an abysmal third quarter, the fourth quarter of 2013 returned to growth. Driven by pent-up demand and the year-end budget flush phenomenon, the market overcame a fragile global economy and grew a strong five per cent over the same period in 2012.”

Businesses wishing to safeguard sensitive information and data are increasingly backing up data using external storage devices, as this allows them to mitigate the risk of the loss of information in the event of a failure in systems at a firm’s primary site.

Focusing on security should always be a priority for companies embracing this form of data archiving measure though, as limiting access to sensitive business files and the use of encryption will considerably reduce the likelihood of this data falling into the wrong hands.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/market-grows-for-external-disk-storage-sector997.aspx

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