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Metadata management ‘is key to effective archiving’

Businesses wishing to streamline their data archiving practices and ensure they are able to effectively find and restore lost files in the event of an emergency must take on board the premise that managing metadata is important.

This is the recommendation of Tom Coughlin, chairman of the Storage Visions, Creative Storage Conferences, who told Forbes that businesses are handling increased data volumes all the time and sensibly categorising this information is now essential.

Metadata relates to the information used to classify information – such as the date it was created, who it was created by, who has access, etc. By focusing on content-related metadata and ensuring business-critical files are flagged as such, companies could recover more swiftly following data loss.

“Optimising metadata is indeed the key to future digital storage solutions,” Mr Coughlin concluded.

Do you know what data is stored on your company’s archives? Minimise risk by conducting a tape archive audit before archive tapes are recycled.

From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/metadata-management-is-key-to-effective-archiving317.aspx

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