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New study shows importance of data recovery following major incidents

There is a growing need for businesses to put data recovery procedures in place due to the growing inevitability of major IT failures, according to a new study.

Cloud service company Evolve IP carried out a blind web-based survey of 2,084 IT professionals and executives during December 2014, including employees of companies of all sizes. It was revealed that more than three in ten worked for an organisation that had suffered a major incident that has required them to implement disaster recovery procedures.

Despite this, only 45.5 per cent said they considered themselves to be very prepared to recover their IT assets in the event of a disaster, with 11 per cent of companies suffering permanent losses as a result of an incident.

The leading causes of incidents are hardware outages – cited by 47 per cent of respondents – while environmental disasters, power outages and human error were also highlighted as key factors.

Of those that had experienced a major incident, 44 per cent have experienced multiple incidents in the past five years, with 17 per cent experiencing three or more.

Despite this, a large proportion of the professionals revealed key weaknesses in the way their companies had prepared for such incidents. Many are still reliant on legacy methods such as backup tapes and additional servers located at their primary site, with some operating secondary data centres that are less than 25 miles from their main site.

Better preparation was more common among respondents in organisations with compliance requirements, but overall the report demonstrated the need for further improvement on this key performance metric.

Tim Allen, chief sales officer of Evolve IP, said: “For many organisations the question isn’t if they will suffer a disaster, it’s when. As we saw in the survey, when disaster hits it hits hard, typically taking over a day to recover and causing financial as well as data losses.”

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