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Pricing fears ‘subside’ over cloud adoption

Many companies are demonstrating a growing affinity for the adoption of cloud IT infrastructure as fears over the costs of implementation subside.

ZD Net reports Varun Badhwar, vice president of product strategy at CipherCloud, told attendees of a panel discussion on the technology yesterday (March 6th) that a shift in attitudes has taken place over the last three years, with more firms now willing to invest in the cloud.

This has been brought about as a result of the costs associated with the installation of this technology having come down, although he added that data protection issues continue to be a concern for some.

Mr Badhwar described the situation as something of a “tug of war” between delivering a more flexible data management infrastructure for both consumers and company staff, while at the same time looking to ensure all information is adequately protected.

The number one issue for IT departments at present remains the loss of control of data, with the fear that once information is transferred to the cloud it suffers from a loss of visibility and data protection assurances.

However, many of these concerns are now being allayed due to improvements in security and a better understanding of security responsibilities and this, coupled with the reduction in costs, is making cloud uptake increasingly attractive.

His comments were echoed by Brad Peters, chief executive officer and co-founder of on-demand analytics provider Birst, who stated: “The biggest revolution that cloud brings is a business model that puts the software vendor in the same seat as the customer.”

Ultimately, Mr Badhwar argued taking a shared approach to responsibility between businesses and cloud providers is key to future growth in the sector and also in ensuring effective safeguards are put in place for the protection of sensitive business and consumer information.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/pricing-fears-subside-over-cloud-adoption559.aspx

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